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Authentic Period Fingerplates

Period Door Finger Plates

We're glad you asked!

Period Door Push Plate
A frivolity? A luxury? A functional touch? A decorative accoutrement?

Fingerplates (also known as door plates and push plates) are anything if not eye catching.

Over a hundred years ago, Fingerplates were a decorative touch to the interior of the well-to-do home.

Initially designed to protect the area of finish where doors take the most contact in daily use, the artisans of the time quickly siezed upon the chance to display their artistic talent. Fashioned from a range of different materials, fingerplates rapidly flourished into expressions of sculptural beauty, taking on the designs popular to the period whether they be painted, etched, moulded or pressed.

For the artists behind the designs, sinuous lines coupled with beaten textures gave them an outlet for the public to touch their art as well as appreciate it's visual beauty.

Today, fingerplates are still an opportunity to apply a touch of expression to a home's interior, whilst still offerring protection to the finish of the door.

- truly the finishing touch...

Brass Fingerplates

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